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· Having carefully researched hundreds of house plans, we have pulled together an assortment spanning various architectural styles, square footage, and layout options.

· Clients can select from an assortment of semi-custom home plans that can be built on a client-owned lot or one selected from our inventory of lots in the area.

· Working closely with clients, we can tailor these plans to accommodate any specific desires or needs.

· We have an ever-changing inventory of spec houses, enabling purchase for a more immediate move-in.

Englewood Farmhouse

Ground Floor 2410 sq.ft.
Second Floor 368 sq.ft.
Rear Porch 250 sq.ft.
Front Porch 288 sq.ft.
Total Heated 2778 sq.ft.
Garage 725 sq.ft.

Low Country Cottage

Ground Floor 1847 sq.ft.
Second Floor 276 sq.ft.
Rear Porch 81 sq.ft.
Front Porch 248 sq.ft.
Total Heated 2123 sq.ft.
Garage 529 sq.ft.


Ground Floor 1192 sq.ft.
Second Floor 360 sq.ft.
Rear Porch 100 sq.ft.
Front Porch 123 sq.ft.
Total Heated 1552 sq.ft.
Garage 444 sq.ft.


Ground Floor 2080 sq.ft.
Second Floor 604 sq.ft.
Rear Porch 177 sq.ft.
Front Porch 145 sq.ft.
Total Heated 2684 sq.ft.
Garage 602 sq.ft.

Magnolia Bay

Ground Floor 2076 sq.ft.
Second Floor 402 sq.ft.
Rear Porch 340 sq.ft.
Front Porch 251 sq.ft.
Total Heated 2478 sq.ft.
Garage 635 sq.ft.


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